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I have applied for my work to be protected by patent. Thus, the three methods invented by me have been submitted to the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (“Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt”, DPMA); they are registered as follows:

10 2011 002 030.6 (Variable Bright-Darkfield-Contrast, VBDC),
10 2011 054 106.3 (Variable Phase-Darkfield-Contrast, VPDC),
10 2012 005 911.6 (Variable Phase-Brightfield-Contrast, VPBC).

The original version of these patent specifications (PDF file containing the complete documentation of all patents, circa 8.5 MB including text and images / construction plans) can be downloaded from the following download servers (direct links for download):

Download-link 1:

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Annotations and advice for download:

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