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Piper, Timm, Piper, Jörg: Variabler Hell-Dunkelfeld-Kontrast (VHDK) - eine alternative Technik zur Untersuchung komplex strukturierter transparenter Objekte
(submitted: 26.04.2011, accepted with minor revisions: 07.05.2011)
Mikrokosmos 100, Heft 6, S. 369-376, Elsevier - Urban & Fischer, München, 2011

Piper, Timm, Piper, Jörg: Variable Bright-Darkfield-Contrast (VBDC), a new illumination technique for improved visualization of complex structured transparent specimens
(submitted: 19.05.2011, accepted without any revisions: 11.08.2011)
Microsc. Res. Techn. 75 / 4, 537-554, Wilay-Blackwell, 2012

Piper, Timm, Piper, Jörg: Variable Phase-Darkfield-Contrast (VPDC), a variant illumination technique for improved visualizations of transparent specimens
(submitted: 02.10.2011, accepted without any revisions: 26.10.2011)
Micros. Microanal. 18, 343-352, Cambridge Universty Press, 2012

Piper, Timm: Variabler Phasen-Dunkelfeld-Kontrast (VPDK) – eine Methode zur verbesserten Darstellung von Objekten mit hohen regionalen Dichteunterschieden
(submitted: 07.11.2011, accepted without any revisions: 10.11.2011)
Mikrokosmos 101, Heft 2, S. 117-123, Elsevier - Urban & Fischer, München, 2012

Piper, Timm, Piper, Jörg: Variable Phase- and Bright-Darkfield-Contrast – new illumination techniques for advanced imaging in light microscopy. In: A. Méndez-Vilas (Ed.): Current microscopy contributions to advancers in science and technology, Formatex, Bandajoz, Spanien
(chapter for microscopy book, print expected for 2013)

Piper, Timm, Piper, Jörg: Axial Phase-Darkfield-Contrast (APDC) – a new technique for variable optical contrasting in light microscopy.
(submitted: 17.03.2012, accepted with minor revisions: 11.05.2012)
Journal of Microscopy, 247 / 3, 259-268, 2012

Piper, Timm, Piper, Jörg: Variable Phase Bright-field Contrast (VPBC) – an alternative illumination technique for improved imaging in transparent specimens
Microsc. Microanal.
(submitted: 12.05.2012, accepted with minor revisions: 04.08.2012).

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